Hundreds Of Flies Gathered On A Dog They’d Already Deemed A Goner

A dog was left on the street to rot with open wounds and a swollen face. Humans and life in general had not been kind to him, and hundreds of flies gathered on his body already considering him dead. Thankfully, he was found by some animal advocates before it was too late.

Animal rescue D.K. set out for rescue and found the dog totally broken down both physically and mentally. The dog wouldn’t even try to come over to say hello. After working a bit to build his trust, they got him back to the hospital where proper care could begin.

Here, King was placed on an IV, and they got to cleaning his wounds and removing the fleas and ticks. Day by day, he’d get a little better and start eating and drinking more. The dog’s road to recovery would be a long and challenging one, but the staff couldn’t be happier with his current progression. A second chance at life is what it’s all about! 🙂

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