Dog Tied To Fence And Left Behind When Couple Moves Out Of State

A dog was tied to a backyard fence and left to fend for himself after his owners moved out of state. The dog had been there for days when found by an animal control officer, and the Husky had suffered an open wound covering much of his neck.

Not the actual image – Credit: Hanna Thiel/Unsplash

The New Jersey couple moved from Roselle to Sandy Springs, Georgia, and told a neighbor they eventually planned on returning to get their dog, a young male Husky. Curtis Swan, 27, and Aaleyah Clay, 29, have been charged with animal cruelty for neglecting and abandoning a domesticated animal. They could each face five years in prison if convicted.

As for the dog, he was taken to the Newark branch of the Associated Humane Societies of New Jersey to be treated before being moved to an animal shelter in south Jersey where he continues to recover in good hands.

H/T – The Ridgefield Press