Dog Has Lots To Say To Rescuer Who Saved Him From Shovel Abuse

A dog was found thrown out in a dumping field after his owner had beaten him with a shovel. The poor thing didn’t know what was going on and was in so much pain. But thankfully, rescuers set out and found the dog before it was too late. The dog tried to lift his head to acknowledge them, but he didn’t have it in him. He would have to wait to properly thank them.

He was rushed back to the emergency clinic where they ran some tests. The dog was found to have internal bleeding, and proper treatment was assessed. No longer in pain, he could at least rest knowing he was safe. They named him Joon and hoped for the best.

They weren’t sure if Joon would recover completely, but little by little, the dog started eating more and seemed playful! He had so much to tell his rescuer including thanks for saving his life. Watch Joon’s story play out in full in the video below: