One Hotel Has A Resident Dog, And He Snuggles With All The Guests

Kitty the Bernese Mountain Dog is loved by all.

There’s a hotel in Colorado called the St. Regis Aspen Resort, and it has a dog resident who ensures the guests have the best possible stays. Kitty Jacob Astor IV, a six-month-old Bernese Mountain Dog, is the first and only dog to ever live on the property.


A lot of people come to Aspen to ski the slopes, and if they decide to stay at this resort, they get to spend their downtime snuggling with Kitty. The dog loves spending time with all of the guests!


Kitty will help with guest pickups at the airport, greet people in the lobby, take part in story time with the kids, and cuddle up with lucky guests at bedtime!


Kitty was named after St. Regis Hotel’s founder, John Jacob Astor IV, who had a dog named kitty back in 1904.


The hotel is obviously dog friendly, and guests can bring their pets for an additional $25 per day. The resort has plenty to offer the pooches, such as dog beds, food bowls, car seats, hiking vests, jackets, booties, dog baths, leashes, food, and more! 🙂

Sounds like my kind of place! Booking my stay ASAP. 😉

h/t I Love My Dog So Much

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