Woman Finds Tiny Kitten Tossed Out On The Concrete All Alone In The Rain

Reddit user Klaanigan made a post about his mother finding a newborn kitten in the rain, and the situation didn’t look good. The poor thing was lying there all alone, and she knew she had to help.

The newborn kitten couldn’t even open her eyes yet, but here she was all alone.


Knowing she wouldn’t survive here, Klaanigan’s mother scooped the kitty up and put her in the only thing she had: a paper wrapper.


She rushed the poor little kitten home to dry her off and give her a warm bottle.


The family named the kitten Iris and gave her all the love and care she needed. And she quickly started to make a turnaround… What a little trooper!


Kudos to this family for giving this helpless kitten a second chance. We hope that Iris continues to thrive while living this life she deserves. 🙂

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