Tiny Stray Pup Was Rescued From A Busy Street, And Now She’s All Smiles

Layla started smiling as she was pulled to safety, and she hasn’t stopped!

Beaumont Animal Care was alerted of a stray puppy in the middle of a busy street, and they set out to rescue her. They found the pup scared and overwhelmed, so they quickly scooped her up and gave her all the love they could.

Facebook/Rachel Barron

When Layla realized she was now safe, she started smiling like these rescuers had never seen before. And it lasted all the way back to the shelter.

Facebook/Rachel Barron

The video below of Layla captured the hearts of everyone who saw it, and it wasn’t long before the adoption applications began pouring in. Among those transfixed by that smile were Nicole Toney and her husband who already had a family of three rescue dogs and two cats.

Facebook/Rachel Barron

When the couple arrived to the shelter to meet Layla, they got to see her sweetness in person. The puppy took to them right away. Still today in her new home with them, Layla is all smiles! What a sweetheart of a puppy.

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