Dog Handed In To Be Euthanized With Suspicious Burn Marks On His Body

Little Levi was handed over by his owner to a township rescue to be euthanized. But the dog had suspicious burn marks all over his body that his mange couldn’t even hide. He was then taken in by Sidewalk Specials who got him over to Vet Point to give him a second chance at life instead! 🙂

The dog wasn’t used to kindness and being treated like a pet, so this was all new to him. They even took Levi to the beach after his checkup to cheer him up a little bit! A family offered to foster him, and he fell in love with his comfy bed! For the first time in his life, Levi got to relax.

But the damage was already done. After a month of love in a real home, Levi sadly passed away. But that last month was the best of his entire life and made the rescue totally worth it in the end. Every dog deserves a chance, and it’s never too late.