Little Puppy Cried Out While Chained Up In A Makeshift Doghouse

Baby Cay was kept chained up outside day and night without a steady supply of food or water. All he had was a makeshift doghouse where he could only sit and cry out for help. The poor puppy suffered from mange and had open wounds all over his body. It was a terrible situation of neglect.

Baby Cay was hungry, sick, and alone. But thankfully, the right people would hear those cries for help and bring him in for help! He would need to be transferred from Limón, Costa Rica, to San José, California, for treatment. And the 6-month-old puppy proved to be a fighter through it all! 🙂

The dog’s legs were weak and slightly arched due to malnutrition and neglect and would require surgery to fix. He’s getting better each and every day in his recovery, and “he’s now a happy, healthy, spoiled dog.” Amazing!

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