Little Dog Runs Away From Home To Find His Girlfriend, Gets Lost

Hope For Paws got word of a little dog who’d been circling a property for a few days. And when rescuers arrived on scene, they saw he was wearing a collar meaning he must just be lost. The pup continued to look into one particular property, and it turned out he was out searching for his girlfriend.

Loreta was able to place the Lucky Leash around Bambino’s head and secure him. That’s when a postal worker confirmed the dog had been out looking for a female Husky who was in heat. But first things first, it was time to get the dog to CARES for a medical checkup and bath!

Bambino was neutered so that he would never end up in this predicament again. And just a couple of days later, his mom was found! They found out his name is actually Luigi and that he’d been missing for three weeks. But their sweet reunion fixed everything! 🙂