Deliver Driver’s Dropping Off Food When A Dog Jumps In His Car In Need Of Help

A delivery driver named John Reque in Janesville, Wisconsin, was on his way to drop off an order of food when he came across a dog in the middle of the road. Concerned, he pulled over to try and get the dog away from traffic, but that’s when he lost sight of the pup.

Markus Spiske/Unsplash

John proceeded to open his car door, but he didn’t see the dog anywhere. But before he knew it, the dog was on his lap!

“I opened up my door and still didn’t see anything, but all of a sudden within a couple seconds, the dog runs around my car, jumps up in my lap inside my car and I was so happy that nobody ran the dog over. It didn’t get hurt,” he told WBAY.

John Reque/WBAY News

He took the dog to have its microchip scanned, and this allowed the dog to be returned home safely! John’s delivery turned into so much more on this day… Amazing! 🙂

H/T – WBAY News

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