Lost Dog Finds His Way To His Vet For Help Getting Back Home

A puppy in Thailand found himself lost in this big, scary world. He’d somehow become separated from his owners and couldn’t find his way back home, but he managed to find one place that could help — his veterinary office.

Putahracsa Veterinary Clinic

This was the next best thing and would be pertinent to his rescue. After tracking down the Putahracsa Veterinary Clinic, the place he’d just been vaccinated a few months earlier, the smart dog waited patiently at the door until he was noticed by the staff.

Putahracsa Veterinary Clinic

Staff members immediately recognized him as one of their patients and called his worried owners to let them know where was. They were then reunited, and all was well!

“The owner is happy,” the clinic said on Facebook. “The dog is happy.”

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