20 Times Soldiers Found Love And Comfort In Animals On The Battlefield

This is the best.

With all the stress and emotions running through a soldier’s mind, there’s nothing better than coming across a nice reminder of home while on the battlefield. Pictured below are 20 times soldiers found love and comfort in animals. 🙂

#1 A soldier saves a kitten across the border.

#2 You’ll be safe in here, buddy. 🙂

#3 During the Battle of Okinawa, some Marines take a break to give a goat some water.

#4 You don’t wanna stay there, kitty.

#5 Trust, comfort and love.

#6 Teamwork! 🙂

#7 A soldier feeding a kitty.

#8 U.S. Marine with a wild baby pig in 1943.

#9 A nice spot for a nap!

#10 Corp. Michael Deliman returning from France with a rabbit.

#11 A kiss can help heal the soul.

#12 What do ya see from up there, kitty?

#13 You can stay right here, pup.

#14 A soldier nursing a tiny kitten.

#15 Two is always better than one! 🙂

#16 Shaking hands with a baby kangaroo. Aww!

#17 I’ll share with you guys!

#18 Feeding a goat in Vietnam.

#19 You’re coming home with me.

#20 This is the famous war dog Smoky. During World War II, Smoky was credited with 12 combat missions and awarded eight battle stars. She survived 150 air raids and even parachuted out of a tree with her very own parachute!