Lucy Insists On Holding Dad’s Hand, Turns Around And Gives Mom A Mischievous Look

The Golden Retriever apparently got what she wanted!

Looks can be deceiving, but I think the way Lucy the Golden Retriever looks at Mom here says it all! She’s daddy’s girl and insists on being by his side 24/7. The dog can get a little jealous of the other women in his life — even Mom herself!

Facebook/Carissa L. Germany

Lucy has already taken over the passenger seat forcing Mom to sit in the back during car rides. But now she’s about to really rub it in Mom’s face. The dog makes Dad hold her hand, and then she turns around to give Mom the most mischievous look!

Facebook/Carissa L. Germany

Lucy’s sly look pretty much says, “He’s all mine now, and there’s nothing you can do about it!” The Golden Retriever got exactly what she wanted, and she’s not holding back! Take a look in the short video below. 😀