Shelter Builds Cozy Cottages So The Dogs Don’t Have To Live In Cages

This sure beats concrete and cages!

Luvable Dog Rescue in Oregon has 55-acres of beautiful country land for the dogs, mostly pit bulls, to roam.

Luvable Dog Rescue

The land includes forest, meadows and hiking trails, but stashed away in the woods are tiny cottages for the dogs. They each have their own private cottage and outside space to run around.

Luvable Dog Rescue

The insides look as if they were built for humans as they include furniture, artwork and windows for nice views of the woods.

Luvable Dog Rescue

The cozy environments allow the staff to better understand how the dogs would behave in their potential forever homes.

Luvable Dog Rescue

Liesl Wilhardt, Executive Director of Luvable Dog Rescue, has always loved pit bulls and decided to turn that passion into a magical place to comfort strays.

Luvable Dog Rescue

It sure beats concrete and cages, right?

Luvable Dog Rescue

A recently built “pit bull palace” is home for the bigger dogs, and the organization plans to build a maternity ward in the near future.

Luvable Dog Rescue

The ultimate goal is to make their stay as comfortable and inviting as possible while better preparing them for a home environment. And I’d say they’ve done an incredible job of that so far!

Luvable Dog Rescue

Visit the Luvable Dog Rescue website for more information as they continue to provide the best companionship for the homeless dogs. 😊

h/t The Animal Rescue Site

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