Man In Suit Offers $100,000 To Strangers For Their Dogs In Social Experiment

Could you put a price on your dog?

Ask a dog owner what their pet means to them, and you’ll most likely get the same answer over and over: that their dog is their everything and part of their family. The vast majority of dog lovers wouldn’t trade their companion for the world. But one man wanted to put this to a social experiment and record the results.

Could you put a price on your dog? You wouldn’t sell your kid for $100,000 (on most days, anyway 😉 ), but do you use that same train of thought when it comes to your pooch? This man put on a suit and walked around with $100,000 in cash in a suitcase offering it up in exchange for complete strangers’ dogs. And the results were mostly as predicted.

Most people turned the offer down right away saying their dog is like family with some even adding that they wouldn’t sell it for one million dollars. One man seemed ready to pull the trigger on the deal before his significant other intervened. What do you think — would you sell your dog for $100,000? I know I wouldn’t, and I think most of you would agree.

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