Former Work Horse Was Neglected And Forgotten, Sent To Auction After 30 Years

Arthur was 30 years old, and a lifetime of hard work had started to take its toll on his body. He was useless to his owner if he couldn’t work and therefore neglected. The first few pictures of the horse are hard to look at, but wait until you see the transformation at the end.

Arthur worked very hard for most of his life. After 30 years, he started to slow down.

Ferrell Hollow Farm

As horses age and are unable to work as much as before, some owners will start to neglect them. That’s exactly what happened with Arthur, and he was sent off to several auctions.

Ferrell Hollow Farm

That’s where he was united with Max, a horse on a similar path as Arthur. The two were purposely starved to prepare them for a high-kill auction.

Ferrell Hollow Farm

Just as they were about to be sold for their meat, Cindy Daigre of Ferrell Hollow Farm Senior Horse Sanctuary stepped in. She heard about the horses online and wanted to bring them to the sanctuary in Tennessee.

Ferrell Hollow Farm

Upon arrival, Arthur was so exhausted he had to eat while lying down.

Ferrell Hollow Farm

After a few days, Arthur warmed up to his new surroundings and started eating more. On the other hand, Max was riddled with health problems which made him agitated and antisocial.

Ferrell Hollow Farm

But after two years together at the sanctuary, they became happier and healthier. The recovery process was long but well worth the wait.

Ferrell Hollow Farm

The two horses loved each other’s company and even took to the sanctuary staff extremely well. Arthur allowed them to give him a braided mane to keep cool in the summer. 🙂

Ferrell Hollow Farm

A rejuvenated Arthur and Max were now full of life! Just look at how healthy and happy they are here. 🙂

Ferrell Hollow Farm

What a tremendous difference from where they used to be. Thanks to Ferrell Hollow Farm and their employees for the amazing work they put into all of their animals!

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