Dog Goes Missing For 19 Days After Being Hit By Two Cars While Running Away

The Carmichael family pulled over at a rest stop on their way home in Oregon to take a quick break. But their dog, Max the German Shepherd, would jump out of the car and run away. As he darted onto the highway, he was hit by a diesel truck. He somehow survived and kept going.

Oregon State Police/Twitter

The family followed behind to try and find and help their beloved dog when they saw him next to another vehicle. Max ran away again, and the owner of the car said that she also had hit him with her vehicle! With the dog now off in the brushy area of the canyon, the family would continue the search until nightfall when they made the tough call to finish their trip home.

Oregon State Police/Twitter

But they wouldn’t give up. The family returned to the rest stop to look for Max once again while also launching a blog and posting pictures to social media asking for help. But Max would be spotted in the gorge by the Department of Transportation, and a deputy got him to the Columbia Veterinary Hospital. Law enforcement contacted the Carmichaels to let them know their pup had been found and he was safe and healthy! They rushed to the clinic for a very happy reunion.

It turns out Max the German Shepherd is one tough cookie! 🙂

H/T – Yahoo!