Old Girl Cowered In The Bushes Trying To Hide From Her Pain

Animal Aid found an old girl cowering in the thicket just trying to hide from all of her pain. The poor girl had a massive wound on her side, and her lung was ripped open. Rescuers could see the air blowing out from the hole. They had to get her to the hospital as soon as possible.

The dog struggled to breathe with the one lung, and they were worried she may be too old to make it through the long operation. It’s hard to watch and see the wounded lung, but just know that this stray puts up a fight to pull through in the end. 🙂

After two hours of surgery to repair many layers of torn tissue, she needed a little encouragement to eat. This senior dog suffered such a devastating blow, but her will to live was stronger. Wait until you see how Maxine is doing today!