Family Drags Scared Dog To The Shelter With A Rope To Leave Her Behind For Good

But Maya wouldn’t be scared and lonely for long.

A heartbreaking scene was captured on video and posted online, and people are (rightfully) furious. A family dragged their dog into a Texas animal shelter by rope as the dog was scared and refused to walk through the door.

Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock in New York, saw the video and immediately inquired about taking Maya in.

Aldine Animal Hospital

Stacey took Maya to the Aldine Animal Hospital in Houston, Texas, where she was treated for heartworm. Once up to date with her shots, she would be transferred to New York.

Aldine Animal Hospital

There, Maya was still extremely nervous and hesitant, but she was finally safe and would never have to worry about being betrayed again.

Aldine Animal Hospital

The hospital staff would continue to work on gaining Maya’s trust and affection before she’d eventually be placed in her forever home. She even started walking on a leash there, something she was not comfortable doing before. 🙂

We’re so glad Maya will never be hurt again and that she found her place in this life.

h/t The Animal Rescue Site

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