Rescuers Follow Scared Stray, And She Keeps Going Back To The Same Spot

Maya had her reasons for hanging around this particular street corner.

Hope For Paws received a call about a scared stray and set out to rescue her. Loreta approached with a cheeseburger to entice the dog, but the pup was too nervous and walked away from the rescuers. They decided to follow in their car.

The followed hoping the dog would walk into an enclosed yard, but she kept going back to the same spot on the corner. It turned out she had a guardian angel whom she trusted very much. The woman fed her and kept her healthy. So Eldad and Loreta had her lure the dog into the crate.

And it worked! Maya now wagged her tail as the rescuers approached as if she knew she was being saved. The sweet girl got all cleaned up and came out of her shell even more. The Lovejoy Foundation offered to foster Maya, and that’s where she’ll be until she finds a forever home. 🙂

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