Dog Blows Up Like ‘Michelin Man’ After Attack, Vets Think Quickly With Cling Wrap

Elle the Chihuahua/Maltese mix was rushed to the vet after another dog bit into her leaving a 2cm hole through her lungs and heart. Her skin didn’t break, so it filled with the air she breathed making her body resemble the Michelin Man.


A Kirkcaldy Vet Nurse and the rest of the team used some quick thinking and wrapped the dog with cling wrap as a form of compressive therapy to stop the leaking and stabilize her enough to bring her back to normal size.


Two days later, Elle was in a good enough spot to have surgery to repair the internal damage. And she’s now recovering thanks to the team effort at Albavet! The pup is back to exercising and showing minimal signs of pain.

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