Spoiled Pup Takes His Food Dish To The Couch To Be Comfortable While Eating

Most dogs eat their kibble from a food dish sometimes even walking a mouthful away from the bowl to another spot on the floor to chew it. But a dog named Murphy prefers a bit more relaxing and comfortable way to enjoy his dog food! 😛

It all started about two years ago when Murphy’s family decided to eat in front of the TV in the living room. They filled his bowl in the kitchen as always, but the clever and loving dog felt like joining them on the couch. As Mom and daughter ate on opposite ends of the couch, Murphy popped up in between them with his dinner!

Ever since then, this is the way Murphy has done it! After a few mishaps along the way, the dog is a lot more careful while carrying and eating out of his bowl. And recently, Mom has even just started placing the dish on his spot on the couch. Too funny! 😀


Just wanted to eat his dinner and relax! ##murphy

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