Hope For Paws Attempts To Stop Six Lanes Of Traffic To Save Tiny Kitten On Freeway

It wasn’t going to be easy.

After just completing the rescue of Josephine and her babies, Hope For Paws received a text about a tiny kitten stranded on the fast track lane on a busy freeway. It took 45 minutes to spot the kitty and get to the rescue location, but then Eldad and Loreta were on it and ready to go.

The rescuers parked illegally, opened the windows for the dogs in the crate, and ran about 200 yards to the spot where the kitty was lying. All they could do now was attempt to stop the six lanes of traffic by breaking into the freeway. And it worked! They crossed and surrounded the kitty.

Loreta grabbed the kitten, and they were relieved! Little Napoleon was now safe and sound, but he was sick and needed care for an eye infection. He was taken back to the facilities for medical care, and now he’s doing well.

No one’s sure how the kitten ended up on the freeway, but the fact that he was too weak to move and there was just no way he could’ve crossed six lanes of traffic alone, someone must have dumped him there. If you can, make a small donation to Hope For Paws so they can rescue more animals. If not, simply share the video to help. 🙂