Puppy With A Unicorn Horn Found All Alone Out In The Cold

A little puppy was found alone outside in the cold, and Mac’s Mission stepped in to rescue him. But this was no ordinary pup; the dog has what looks like a second tail, but this one coming out of his forehead. The Jackson, Missouri, rescue had never seen anything like it.

Facebook/Mac the pitbull

The puppy looked a lot like a little unicorn, and they named him Narwhal! He was taken to a vet to get this face tail checked out along with some X-rays taken of his foot injury.

Facebook/Mac the pitbull

But Narwhal is a very happy and friendly pup who takes everything in stride! And thanks to the rescue, he’ll never be alone in the cold again. You can follow Mac the pitbull’s Facebook page for updates on the little pup! 🙂

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