Stubborn Husky Gives Mom His Thoughts On The New Dog Bed

It’s a brand new bed, but it’s not the old bed!

Zeus the Husky is quite stubborn and very particular about everything. As seen in some of his famous videos, he never wants to get out of the bathtub and won’t even get out of the front seat after a trip to the store. It’s Zeus’ way or the highway!

In the video below, the Husky is introduced to a brand new dog bed. His owners labored over which one to pick out for him, and finally brought what they thought was the perfect bed home to show him. But this new amazing bed just isn’t the same as the old bed! 😛

Zeus doesn’t hold back and gives Mom all of his thoughts on this new dog bed. Kaden on the other hand is always appreciative of new things and not picky at all. At least the long haired German Shepherd will get use out of it!

Zeus is so silly, but dogs are such creatures of habit!

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