Dog’s Training ‘Fails’ Video Shows He May Not Be Cut Out For This Job

For Ryker, it’s pretty clear being a service dog is not in his future.

Every dog has a purpose. But not every dog’s purpose is to be a service dog. Ryker is a very good boy, but it’s clear he just isn’t cut out for this job. And that’s okay! It never hurts to try and find out. Well, maybe just a little… πŸ˜›

Ryker’s training at the Double H Canine Training Academy in Louisville, Kentucky, became quite the hit on the internet when they released a video of his “fails.” From biting the tennis balls on the bottom of the walkers to pulling people around in wheelchairs at the speed of light, it’s pretty obvious the whole service dog thing just isn’t in the cards for this one!

While being a service dog may not be in Ryker’s future, we’re sure he’d make a great pet! Watch the video below and have a good laugh with the good-natured, fun-loving pooch. πŸ˜€

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