Dog Steps A Single Paw In The Snow Before Retreating Back To The Couch

This is Norman, and he’s not fond of snow. The little dog knows exactly what he wants in life and allows that to be known with his big personality! And the one thing Norman wants most in life is to be comfy and cozy!

Denise White

So when the weather outside isn’t ideal, he has a hard time wanting to go out in the elements to do his business. As with a lot of people, he does not like the snow or being cold! 😛

Denise White

After a recent snowstorm, little Norman left the comfort of his blanket so he could head outside and relieve himself. But once he caught a whiff of the cold air and stepped a single paw in the snow, he instantly retreated back to the couch! 😀

Denise White

But Mom and Dad knew he had to go out there eventually, so Dad worked to clear out a path where the dog wouldn’t have to step in the snow again. Norman is so spoiled and loved and deserves every bit of it!

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