Puppy Gets Angry When The Ocean Ruins The Hole He Worked So Hard To Dig

How dare the ocean do such a thing!

Digging holes. It’s just one of the many important jobs a dog takes responsibility for in their lifetime. Angus the Golden Retriever puppy knows he was put on this earth to do just that, and he takes the task very seriously. So if something were to get in the way of that, well…

It’s a beautiful, sunny day at the beach for Angus and his family. And the pup is doing his thing and trying to make the bestest hole that ever was dug! But when the ocean decides to ruin that hole by filling it with water, Angus is not happy! 😛

The furious dog barks and voices his outrage at this terrible turn of events. How dare the ocean do such a thing! It’s hard not to feel this pup’s pain while watching. 😉