Owl Flies Inside Helicopter To Thank Pilot For Fighting California Wildfire

Helicopter pilot Dan Alpiner had been out fighting the Creek Fire in the wilderness of central California when he received some thanks for his efforts from one of the habitat’s members. While dropping bucketloads of water onto the massive wildfire, an owl flew inside the helicopter and sat beside him!

Sky Aviation

Dan saw something out of the corner of his eye while about 200-feet above ground, and there it was! The owl was friendly and calm, and it was as if it just wanted to say hello and give thanks for helping out.

Dan Alpiner

The pilot carried on with the task at hand, and the owl stayed by his side for two more refillings and drops. It then flew out of the window near the same area it had entered. It’s a moment Dan Alpiner will never forget! 🙂

H/T – The Dodo