Festive Dog Sneaks Her Way In To Each And Every Photo For The Christmas Card

Penny was rescued as a puppy when found abandoned in a box along with her 11 siblings next to a dumpster. She was shy and timid, understandably, and shelter workers thought she’d always stay that way. But they couldn’t have been more wrong… 🙂

Deanna Greenstein

When the Greenstein family decided to adopt Penny and bring her into their high-energy household, she fit right in! There was an immediate connection, and the dog broke out of her shell as this mischievous, silly pup!

Deanna Greenstein

Case in point, the family Christmas card photoshoot. When Deanna Greenstein tried photographing Penny next to the kids, she stubbornly refused. But when Mom moved on to take pictures of the kids only, Penny got jealous and started photobombing like the goofy dog she is! 😀

Deanna Greenstein

For each and every photo, Penny found her way in one way or another! The family loved it and decided to roll with the idea but kept it a secret from Dad. When he picked up the finished product from Walgreens, he couldn’t stop laughing!

Deanna Greenstein

What can they say, Penny is just full of the holiday spirit! And she may like the attention a little bit. 😉

See more of Penny on her Instagram page!

H/T – The Dodo

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