Tiny Dog Found On The Road Abandoned In A Box And Wearing A Diaper

On the streets of Palermo, Italy, a tiny dog was found abandoned in a box filled with maggots. Time had just about run out on her life by the time her rescuers noticed her, but they weren’t about to give up on her. They got her back to the animal hospital to try and save sweet Peonia’s life.

For whatever reason, she was wearing a diaper. And when they removed it, it unveiled so many maggots and wounds. The poor dog had been a prisoner of her own filthy fur and neglected body for so long. But she was finally getting the help she needed.

Unfortunately, they wouldn’t be able to save Peonia’s eyes. But this would assure a much better quality of life for the girl going forward. It would be a very long road to recovery for this dog, but she’s already standing on her own and eating. And thanks to Claudia Zurlini, Peonia has a wonderful place to start this second chapter of her life! 🙂

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