17 Photos Of Dogs That Were Perfectly Timed And Make For A Good Laugh

Be prepared to laugh out loud!

It’s always nice when a moment just comes together. And that’s exactly what happened in these 17 perfectly timed photos of dogs! Be prepared to laugh out loud. 😀

h/t BuzzFeed

#1 “My parents’ new pupper misjudged his jump”

#2 “And this is the moment our family portrait went all WRONG!” 😀

#3 “Accidentally French-kissing a dog…”

#4 “Walked past this yesterday at the perfect time to take a photo”

#5 “This dog trying to catch the ball”

#6 “The face of true regret”

#7 “My dog ruining Christmas dinner a few years ago”

#8 When playtime looks much worse than it is…

#9 “Perfect timing of this dog and his chew toy/teeth.”

#10 “Doggo does a nice smile” 😀

#11 “Was taking pictures of my mom petting my dog when…”

#12 “Took a photo of my parents dog, she looks like a wall mount.”

#13 “My girlfriend was petting our dog when..” 😀

#14 “Petting my demon hound.” Those teeth! 😉

#15 This two-headed dog…

#16 And another two-headed dog!

#17 “My dog is also long.”

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