Someone Tried Poisoning Neighborhood Dog With Hot Dog Bun

Suffield police received a complaint that someone had attempted to poison their dog with a hot dog bun covered in peanut butter and brown pellets in their Connecticut neighborhood. The police say the brown pellets appear to be rat poison, and they’re currently investigating.

Suffield Police/WFSB

The five-year-old dog, Evelyn, was outside when owner, Jake Pasquariello, and his sister saw her drop the bun in front of them. The bun had been in her mouth, but thankfully, she did not ingest it. Evelyn has been to the vet and is doing OK.


The police are also looking into letters the family received back in the summer stating that the dog was out of control and that they need to train it. But there’s an electric fence around the property, and the dogs had never escaped. The Pasquariello household also has another dog, a yellow Lab, so it’s unclear if the poison was meant for one dog or both.

Suffield police are asking for any surveillance footage near Plantation Drive as they try to get to the bottom of this. The perpetrator could face animal cruelty charges when caught.

H/T – WFSB Eyewitness News 3

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