Trainee Sniffer Dog Makes $1,500 Find On Family’s Property

Poppy lives with his mom, Anna Terry, on her family’s truffle farm near Deloraine in Tasmania, Australia. He’s a sniffing dog in training, but he’s already made a huge discovery.

“Poppy just started digging and didn’t stop, then I started to see how big it was,” Anna told ABC News. “It’s the biggest truffle we’ve ever had here.”

ABC News: Jessica Moran

Weighing in at 910 grams, the truffle was nearly double the size of a truffle considered large in size. This valued the truffle at around $1,500.

ABC News: Jessica Moran

But due to the recent COVID-19 restrictions, it would’ve been difficult to sell as demand just wasn’t there. So Anna cut it up adding that “it will probably all end up in my tummy.”

But what a find by Poppy! 🙂

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