Homeless Dog Adopted By Cops Helps By Allowing Them To Practice Their Pat-Downs

Chato loves his job!

It wasn’t long ago that Chato was just another stray running the streets of Paita in Peru. But when he came across the local law enforcement, that’s where he found love — and a job!

Capy Veterinario

Chato was just a homeless dog with no formal police training, but he’d be able to help the officers out by letting them practice their pat-downs on him. And it’s safe to say Chato loves this job! You could even say he was born to be patted down. 😉

Capy Veterinario

It’s amazing these police officers took Chato in as their own and that they found a way to help each other out. Watch the pup do his best work in the video below! 🙂


h/t – The Dodo

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