Dog Jumps In The Water To Save Man Who Is ‘Drowning’

Watch this good girl go!

Princesa the dog is just relaxing near a pond when a friend goes under the water and fakes drowning to test the dog to see what she would do in an emergency. Well, the smart pup sensed the danger and didn’t hesitate to jump in after him!

She thought the man was drowning, and she saved the day. The loving dog proceeded to grab him by the hand and lead him back to shore where he’d be safe. 🙂

Jenifer Correa, who recorded the video, had this to say (translated to English):

“This is the gift we receive from those who are on our side and never leave us. Yes, that is care and love !!!”

It’s good to know Princesa is there to help in the case of an actual emergency someday!

h/t – The Dodo

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