Poor Dog Appeared To Be Blown Up Like A Balloon, Needed Immediate Help

“Her condition was rare, but so was her beautiful spirit.”

Animal Aid Unlimited arrived to check out and help a small dog who appeared to be blown up like a balloon. She was in so much discomfort but still remained so friendly and loving toward everyone. The dog had several small wounds, but the swelling was a mystery.

It turned out the poor girl was suffering from a condition called subcutaneous emphysema. Air had become trapped under her skin after leaking from her lungs due to trauma to her chest. They wrapped the dog in compression bandages and gave her antibiotics.

The pup needed to be hand fed, but it helped her realize how much she needed that food! She was now on the road to recovery, and she was such a happy little dog through it all. Animal Aid said it best: “Her condition was rare, but so was her beautiful spirit.”

See Puff today! 🙂

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