An Unwanted Litter Of Puppies Was Thrown Away In The Trash By The Owners

An unwanted De Doorns litter of puppies was discarded in the trash and left to die. Thankfully, residents stumbled upon the pups and contacted Sidewalk Specials. By then, three of the puppies had already passed away. But they weren’t too late to try and save the others…

With no mother in sight, they gathered the remaining pups. They would head back to the facility for checkups and care, but first, time for some hunting. After lots of searching around, they were able to locate the mama and bring her in to reunite her with her puppies! 🙂

After lots of love and care, a happy and healthy family is ready for adoption six weeks later! Mom, Daisy, and George have already been spoken for, but Charlie, Milly, Tex, and Tyson still need those loving forever homes.