25 Puppies Who Think The Most Comfortable Place To Sleep Is In Some Shoes

Too cute!

Puppies need a lot of sleep, and they’ll do it pretty much anytime and anywhere. What you may think would be the most uncomfortable place to lie down and nap just might be a puppy’s absolute favorite spot to catch some Zs! The 25 puppies below have found their spots in some pairs of shoes! 🙂

h/t Animal Channel

#3 ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

#5 Two shoes are always better than one!

#6 Norman likes to sit on your shoes!

#7 Oh, you need these??

#8 “Just a litter of Labrador puppies sleeping on a pile of shoes”

#9 “My sister’s puppy was so tired, she just fell asleep in her shoe.”

#10 Just a sleepy Pug.

#12 “Sheltie puppy = too adorable”

#14 “Holly, asleep on a pair of brown shoes.”

#15 Shoe-sleeping heaven!

#16 Getting ready for a nap while wearing some shoes! 😉

#18 Just snoozin’ away.

#19 Such a deep sleep. 😉

#21 Gonna need more shoes…

#23 Sleeping while on guard duty…

#24 Taking a break from all the hiking.

#25 Now that’s a giant slipper!