17 Puppies Doing Head Tilts That Are To Die For

Cuteness overload.

They get us every time; puppy head tilts are just to die for. The 17 puppies below are so curious about the world around them, and we’re all better off for it. It’s total cuteness overload. Can you handle it? 🙂

h/t BuzzFeed

#1 “Someone’s starting to learn her name!”

#2 “Thankful I got to FaceTime my boys today & thankful for the cutest puppy head tilt in America”

#3 Be careful, you might roll away! 😉

#4 What do you mean by “bedtime”?

#5 There’s lots to explore for a young pup!

#6 This pupper with a 90-degree head tilt.

#8 Head tilt for a belly pat?

#9 Perfecting the head tilt over the years!

#10 “Wanna go to the puppy park?”

#11 One wrinkly head tilt.

#12 “So you’re still going to give us that treat you promised, right?”

#13 Double trouble = double the head tilts!

#14 “This is what I look like when someone says the word ‘Kitty'”

#15 This thing comes off when??

#16 “What do you mean tomorrow is Monday?!”

#17 “Struggling to comprehend.” 😉