Puppy Tossed Out With Head Trauma Can’t Look Up To Thank Rescuer

A young puppy was found dumped on the streets after having suffered an injury causing head trauma. He was passed up and ignored by everyone — except for one kind woman. She had to help the dog, but he couldn’t even lift his head to look her in the eye. She worked to get him to the vet as fast as possible.

They ran some tests, but brain injuries like this can go either way. Especially without proper care. But no one was about to give up on this little one. He thanked his vet and rescuer with kisses, and back to the woman’s house they went! 🙂

At her home, he would eat, drink, and play. With each passing day, he’d make more and more progress! And then along with that wagging tail came the eye contact she’d been waiting for. His rescuer ended up refusing to part with the little guy, and we think that’s the best thing that could’ve happened to either of them! See the rescue in the video below.

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