Starving Dogs Found Tied Out To A Log With A Protruding Nail Above Their Heads

Ratty and Batty were chained outside to a log for over two years, and the protruding nail was just one example of how unsafe and inhumane their situation was. The two dogs did their best to act and look aggressive when approached, but they were just hungry and scared.

Rescuers worked to gain their trust by hand feeding them, and it eventually worked! And then it was time to remove the wires that cut into their necks. This marked their freedom, and it’d been a long time coming for these neglected and abused dogs.

Ratty and Batty were adopted separately, but their moms became friends so that the dogs could still go on playdates! Now named Otis and Benji, watch as they go to the beach together and live their best lives in their amazing forever homes! 🙂