Bony, 17-Pound Pit Bull Pup Feels What It’s Like To Have A Full Belly

Reese the pit bull puppy was found on the sidewalk by two Good Samaritans. She was extremely emaciated and unable to move on her own. Animal control called Jersey Pits Rescue and asked if they could take her in. And when Kay saw her picture, she cried.

“Where her stomach should be, there was nothing,” said Kay, cofounder of Jersey Pits Rescue. “We weren’t expecting [her to be] 17 pounds, half dead. You never expect that.”

Reese was so sweet and just wanted love. Her health was rapidly declining, but she was hanging on and surviving on adrenaline knowing she was finally safe and in a place she could heal.

It would be a long road to recovery, but Reese was a fighter. It was a month later that she walked out of the hospital and into the car of her foster, Ryn. The good girl was nervous the whole way home but took the biggest exhale once she got there. Reese is now safe and healthy, and she knows it! 🙂