Street Dog Waited In The Same Spot Every Day For Someone To Save Him

Howl Of A Dog was putting on a spay/neuter campaign in a rural area when they came across a friendly stray. And every morning when they arrived, there he was coming over to greet them! He was waiting in this very spot every single day for someone to rescue him.

Remy slept on a sidewalk in front of a grocery store where a lady would make sure to feed him. But Howl Of A Dog would take him in and neuter him as part of their campaign. It was pretty obvious to them that this sweet dog had been abandoned by an owner, but no one in the area had any information on the dog.

During their stay in the village, Howl Of A Dog tried finding a home for Remy. No one wanted him, but he now has a safe place to stay with a warm bed, toys, and food! All he needs in life is that loving forever home. 🙂

Remy is currently in the care of Howl Of A Dog in Romania but can be adopted internationally.

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