Lonely Pup Finds Comfort In Foster Mom’s Beating Heart And Stops Crying

A puppy sling changed everything for Rhett.

Rhett was born into a litter of six puppies. The mom was sent to one foster home while the puppies were split up into two groups and sent off to two other fosters. It was now just Rhett and two of his brothers.

Then out of nowhere, one of those siblings died. The vet was unsure of what caused it, and foster mom Mariann Wright-Feliciano was concerned. It wasn’t long before the other brother also got sick and needed to be hospitalized. He would survive, but they didn’t want to risk Rhett’s health. So now Rhett was on his own with his foster mom.

Rhett was lonely and confused, and this transition wasn’t going to be easy. He had separation anxiety, and a soft new bed and blankets and stuffed toy didn’t even help. Rhett kept crying out. But he’d calm when she held him closely.

She obviously couldn’t hold him all the time, so she got the idea to get a sling to be able to keep Rhett close when he needed her most. The beating of her heart and warmth of another body did wonders for the little pup. Mariann knew Rhett couldn’t become too dependent on the puppy sling, so she limited sessions. But each time, he came out of that sling more and more confident! 🙂

Despite the heartbreaking beginning to his life, Rhett has come a long way and made quite the transformation. He soon even outgrew the sling and no longer needed it at all! His foster mom knew just what he needed and did everything perfectly to help him, and it all worked out for the best!

h/t – I Love My Dog So Much

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