Abandoned Dog Hit By Car Was Still Able To Frantically Run Away As Rescuers Approached

Hope For Paws showed up right away to help.

Hope For Paws was alerted about an injured dog on their emergency line, so they set out immediately to find him. The dog had been hit by a car but was still able to frantically run away as the rescuers approached him on the side of the road.

When Rio was finally secured with the lucky leash, he still had lots of anxiety. But just moments later the dog realized they were there to help, and he jumped right into the rescuers’ vehicle! Watch as they find the sweet pup a forever home. 🙂

You can donate to Hope For Paws and help save more lives: http://www.HopeForPaws.org

Thank you ART N’ Paws for finding Rio an amazing home!! http://www.ARTnPawsAnimalRescue.org

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