Family Gets A Dog, And His Appearance Changes Over The Years

A dog named Rowdy has turned heads everywhere he goes. A skin condition called vitiligo has changed his appearance over the years. Pictures of Rowdy were posted on a family member’s Facebook page, but it’s also his story that’s making him famous.

Rowdy is the Umbenhowers’ family dog. And he is famous for several reasons…

Niki Beiser Umbenhower/Facebook

The 13-year-old dog has escaped death twice. He once had to get his stomach pumped after drinking poisonous river water. Another time, he was shot by police who thought he was part of a burglary.

Niki Beiser Umbenhower/Facebook

But there’s something else about Rowdy. Just look at his eyes and belly. He started getting spots as a result of vitiligo, a skin condition that causes loss of pigment.

Niki Beiser Umbenhower/Facebook

The family is always asked if it’s something they did, or if they painted their dog. But it’s just a natural, non-harmful skin condition.

Niki Beiser Umbenhower/Facebook

Rowdy is a perfectly happy and healthy dog…

Niki Beiser Umbenhower/Facebook

And one thing is for sure: he’s one special pup! 🙂

Niki Beiser Umbenhower/Facebook

Not only has this dog survived two close calls, but he has a special coat to remind everyone what a unique dog he really is. 🙂

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