Dog Became Trapped In The Earth After Collapse, And They Could Hear Puppy Cries

A construction sand collapse left a mother dog trapped in the earth with her puppies, but no one knew how many were down there with her. Animal Aid Unlimited arrived on scene and started carefully digging. They spotted one puppy still alive and realized every single second was so very crucial.

Soon Mama was able to break free. With her out of the way, rescuers could keep gently digging to search for more pups. Sadly, one puppy didn’t make it, but there was one more buried they could save. The mother and her two surviving babies were moved to the ambulance to rest.

Mama was so exhausted from the struggle, but she was happy to have her little ones with her. Rescuers would find them a safe little home where they could thrive under the care of a neighbor. See this sweet furry family today! 🙂