16 Pics That Prove We’d Be Lost In This World Without Service Dogs

What would we do without them?

What would we do without service dogs? The world is much better off because of them, and we owe it to them to make theirs lives as amazing as they make ours. The 16 photos below show just how truly special these dogs are.

h/t BuzzFeed

#1 This patient service pup.

#2 A bit too much fun for this one. 😉

#3 “My university gave an honorary master’s degree to the service dog who sat through every one of his owner’s classes.”

#4 Service dogs need breaks too. 😉

#6 Trying to fit in. 🙂

#7 Just helping out with the groceries!

#8 Guide dog in training gathering the mail.

#9 Axel dressed up for his human’s military ball.

#10 A very Happy Birthday for Red! 🙂

#11 This guide dog giving a guide pup some pointers…

#12 Baxter hanging out with his cuddle buddy, Oliver Queen the cat.

#14 Guide dog with earmuffs so his dad can enjoy the concert.

#15 This guide dog who is always prepared. 😉

#16 “Hoshi is blind. Zen is Hoshi’s guide dog and best friend who makes sure he’s safe.”