Heartbroken Stray Found Lying In Sewage Just Wanted One Person To Care

Rescuers weren’t sure if they were too late.

Animal Aid received a call about an extremely sick street dog and responded immediately. They showed up to find the heartbroken boy lying in sewage just waiting to die. All he could do was suffer as the flies swarmed around his eyes. Rescuers weren’t sure if they were too late.

No one knows what exactly happened to this dog in the weeks leading up to his rescue, but it had brought him so close to death. They tried to stabilize him and started off with IV fluids to treat his dehydration. He was just so exhausted. The next day, they were able to get him to eat by hand feeding him.

A few days later, the dog was eating on his own! Progress was showing. He was much stronger but still not able to walk on his own. Rescuers were now able to start treatment for his mange.

This boy was on death’s doorstep about to die alone in heartbreaking sadness, but all it took was one call to Animal Aid to change everything for him. Meet Shyam today! 🙂

If you’d like to help Animal Aid continue to rescue more street animals in India, you can donate here.